Hairdressing and Beauty Advice

The Various natural beauty tips you need to know

From the beauty trends going round the world, you can easily believe that there is no existence of a simpler and more affordable beauty tips and products beside the commercial products. According to the latest UK survey, an average woman usually spends nearly Two thousand dollars jut on make-ups in her life time period. The use of these make-ups goes without the notice of all chemicals that pose myriad effects to humans.

There exist some simple natural beauty tips which include;

1.Nail Moisturizing treatment. This technique give a more attractive to your nails. It is done by soaking the nail in olive oil for some minutes minutes and left to dry. The changes will appear gradually and the awesomeness of the fingers is achieved.

2.Use Of honey mask face. Raw honey is proved to act as an anti-bacterial and an easier way to obtain a beautiful and softer skin. On a weekly process, a tablespoon of raw honey is gently warmed by rubbing fingers before spreading on the face. The process is left for about six minutes before washing it with warm water and left to dry. The technique is natural an effective.

3.The Banana and the egg treatment. To achieve a more tender and shining hair treatment, a mashed up pieces of banana are mixed with an egg before applying it on the hair and leaving for a duration of about twenty five minutes. The hair is the washed off thoroughly leaving behind a shining hair.

4.Gentle scrubbing of the body technique. This process employed by mixing some drops of olive oil with sea salt on a ratio of 2:1. The process gets rid of the dead cells of the skin and therefore making them glow and softer.

5.The Joints and skin exfoliate glower. This natural beauty process is achieved by using cut orange, rubbing it on your joints and skin. It softens the existence of rough patches.

6.Use Of the apple vinegar shampoo. A quarter full of a cup containing organic apple I mixed with some water. The rinsed soft hair is then completed with a conditioner. It is affordable and effective.

7.Use Of dry brushing. The dry brushing technique employs a detoxification process of the skin cells. The incorporation of massaging stimulates various organs in the body.

8.Use Of black face removal. Employ use of mixing of honey (raw) with an open wedge lemon. The lemon is the rubbed gently on the facial area for about two minutes emphasizing on the rough areas . The face is then washed.

The use of these products is not a done process. They require special added activities like; good sleeping, management of stress, nutrition guide and also having physical exercise.